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Brownbackistan… The Failed Kansas Experiment

June 1, 2015


A budget deficit, estimated at $400 million to $800 million,  thanks to tax cuts for the wealthy…  Eight school districts have closed up to 12 days early… A reduction in credit ratings. The Kansas experiment in supply-side economics – giving massive tax cuts to the rich to try to spur investment and, as the theory goes, to create greater economic activity […]

Widening Inequality

April 24, 2015


Income and wealth inequality have been major topics debated recently, and I wanted to provide a cursory look at how the inequality has widened over the past four decades. From WWII until the mid-late 1970’s the U.S. experienced the rise of the welfare state, an expansion of labor unions and a decline of inequality, known […]

The Reagan Myth

August 8, 2014


When your idol is exposed as less than perfect… what do you do? Well, instead of doing some self-reflection, the right has taken to vehemently attacking Rick Perlstein, an historian and author of “The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan.” According to a Reagan biographer and current Ann Coulter publicist, […]

Krugman on Error-Loving “Economists”

March 19, 2013


March 19, 2013, 8:07 am Comment The Dunning-Kruger-Madoff Effect Via Mark Thoma, Hale Stewart is bemused by John Hinderaker of PowerLine. As Stewart notes, Hinderaker begins by asserting that everyone knows that an economic crisis is coming — which apparently means everyone he talks to — then rolls out just about every one of the […]

A Response to Debt Ceiling Nonsense… #mintthecoin or IOU?

January 10, 2013


Here is a good piece by Jonathan Chait from New York Magazine on how to combat the hostage taking the Republicans in Congress seek over the debt ceiling silliness. Raising the debt ceiling should be a non-issue as it was in virtually every one of the 106 times it has been raised since 1940, including […]

December job numbers and thoughts on a progressive payroll tax system

January 4, 2013


A few interesting things I want to highlight (including a social security observation): 155k new jobs vs. 150k consensus November’s unemployment rate was revised up to 7.8%, which is the same as December’s rate – 7.8% 58.6% of population is employed and labor participation rate is 63.6%. These numbers are relatively low, and I would […]

A Primer on Boehner’s “Plan B” and GOP spending cuts

December 20, 2012


John Boehner’s desperate attempt to hold onto his House Speaker position by pandering to his Tea Party and Grover Norquist-loving members of the GOP House caucus, has led him to terminate discussions with the President and propose his alternative plan, dubbed “Plan B”.  Speaker Boehner intends on offering up a vote on the Plan in […]

Being born rounding third base is bad for society’s future

December 8, 2012


Paul Krugman has a great post today about the effect wealth has and will have on the manufacturing sector, and more broadly, society. This article raises some fascinating questions about the persistence of a college premium, inheriting wealth and wealth inequality. Catherine Ramp-ell and Nick Wingfield write about the growing evidence for “reshoring” of manufacturing […]

Jobs numbers – positives outweigh negatives

December 7, 2012


Overall, a relatively good jobs report despite the drag on the economy that Sandy provided. The improving trend continues giving the President additional leverage in the fiscal slope discussion… (courtesy of Calculated Risk) There were positives and negatives in the November employment report, and I’d like to start with two clear positives. First, seasonal retail […]

Deficit Hawks’ Bipolarism

November 11, 2012


Paul Krugman and Mark Thoma have succinct analyses of the deficit hawks’ conflicting feelings regarding what would result from going over the fiscal cliff. Good reads!  

Fun Times Ahead…

November 4, 2012


Today is the first day of The Political Equation, a political and economic blog that seeks to provide insightful and nuanced analysis of the day’s most pressing issues. I look forward to engaging in an intelligent, civil and honest discourse where opinions are respected and facts are paramount. Thanks for stopping by!