Launched in 2012, The Political Equation was primarily intended as an outlet for my irreverence with a political bent. Over the years I’ve blogged sporadically… as time allowed. However, as I chart my new adventure, a Ph.D in public policy, I intend to use this blog to share key insights and developments in my chosen field of study as well as commentary on political and social issues of the day.

Who am I? My name is Sam LaVergne and I’m a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill (BA-1996, JD-1999) and Duke University (MBA-2008). I’ve practiced general/business/corporate law for three years, owned/managed two multi-million dollar startups and a strategy consultancy. I’ve also worked at an investment bank and a hedge fund. My true passion doesn’t revolve around money… and it took a number of years and several professions for me to figure this out.

So, what is my passion? I believe in bettering the human condition by focusing on society as a whole, rather than our own narrow self-interests. I feel I can best do this by advocating for:

  • reducing the scourge of income and wealth inequality
  • a single-payer healthcare system,
  • free public higher education
  • free childcare and better early education programs
  • addressing gun violence as an epidemic and not as a constitutional right
  • eradicating racism in general, but specifically in policing, immigration, housing and voting
  • increased use of clean energy to combat climate change
  • equal rights for the LGBT community
  • religious freedom
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