Hillary’s Genius

Posted on May 7, 2015


Hillary Clinton’s call for a path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants currently living illegally in the United States, as well as her desire to take more expansive executive action than President Obama has taken, has put the squeeze on GOP hopefuls. The result is an awkward silence by the usually garrulous bunch.

Why the silence you might ask? It is well documented that anything not Caucasian nor European the Tea Party absolutely despises and will attempt to bully GOP candidates to back their bigoted doctrine. The Tea Party and Evangelicals, who at times are more hate-filled (e.g., Gays, Obama, Immigration) than God-loving, are the GOP base. This hatred precludes anything less than a hard-line stance against anything other than immediate and full deportation of all “Illegals”.

Contrast this hard-line stance with the substantial advantage President Obama enjoyed over McCain (67% vs. 31% in 2008) and Romney (71% vs. 27% in 2012) among Latino voters, and the absolute need for the Republican candidate to perform better among Latinos in the hopes of winning in 2016. Latinos overwhelmingly support comprehensive immigration reform. So, in order to win the GOP primary and then to grab a significant share of the Latino vote to win a general election creates is a tricky tight rope walk for the GOP hopefuls.

So, by Hillary pushing for full and comprehensive immigration reform she has placed Bush and Rubio into a corner. Do they pander to the base or lay low to win the GOP candidacy before pandering to Latinos in a general election?  How about the other 20+ candidates?

The silence is deafening and Hillary’s genius is on full display.